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Measuring the size of a database

When we say that our database contains web pages, that means that we've actually viewed and indexed all of those pages. All of the important words in those pages are stored in our index. And when you perform a search on excite, you're actually searching on the entire page.

Other services claim to have more than 90% of the Internet in their database, a total of almost 8 million pages. However, if you read the fine print, you'll realize that they haven't really indexed all 8 million pages. In fact, they've only indexed the text of about 1 million pages. For the other 7 million pages, their database only contains the link that points to the page -- and the link always contains much less information. That's like claiming that an encyclopedia has 24 volumes, when it really has just 3 volumes plus 21 volumes worth of "See also" cross-references without the text of the cross-referenced articles themselves.

We believe that the most honest way of measuring the size of a web database is to count the number of full-text articles. And by that count, excite offers the most comprehensive database on the net.

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