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Bonjour, This is a Crazy place to be!

WelcOme to A craZy place to be,
Crazy B's Home Page.
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Hullo, this is BRADY and this is my crazy Web Page. I have inclued links to many interesting places, well at least I think that they are....
Wild Stuff Educational Links My Poems Atrs &Enterainment Mods, Samples and Music
The BibleFrance and EuropeVideoGamesPsyco WardNews and Government

I have inclued links to: Sports, Mes Amies, Look 4 IT, Autre WEB sights,Games, My Poems, ARTs & Entertainment, Education, Mods & SoundNews & Goverment, Sights and Ref. of France and Europe! Wild stuff?? Church, and the  PsYcO Ward!Phew I hope that is enouf! And leave your comments about my page.EnJoY!.
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Visit my college if you like! 
UD Morris Library plus Journals at UD and the ERC,and 203i
UD students check your classes and accounts with
SIS plus 
Whats the weather in Delaware today ? 
 Mes Amies stuff
Mon petit frere Ryan's Web Page!
Mes Amies PJ's , Adam's Eric's Clyde's Derek's Chris's Web Page  
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     Best of the Web, Cool Site of the Day, Scott Yanoff's Internet Source List, NCSA's Internet Starting Points, CERN's Internet Sources by Subject, NCSA's What's New Page, The Internet Magazine Index, Kaleidoscope, Hot WIRED and Welcome to Techweb 
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    I'm allways looking to improve, and I'd love to hear what you gotta say.
     I hope you enjoyed this rendition of the Crazy B page!
    Je l'aime, Au revoir, Au revoir!

    Le Fin
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    Living WIld? Want to Talk to some one? No not the walls! come here and waist your time. 
    Hey can you believe it? I'm going to be a teacher! Take a look at myEducation Links
    My Poems

    Go to Church. Yes, this is a sick world, and it gets wores every day. Some days I don't know if I'll make it, but GOD helps me through it. 
    France & Europe 
    ARCADE, COMPUTER, and HOME VIDEO GAMES Links and FA Q's to many Video Games.

    ARTS & ENTERTAiNMENT If you like: TV, Movies, Museums, Music, to Poems then this is the place to gO! 
    Mod music and Sights and Sound 
    My Poems/font size=6> 
    Sports PagesWhats going on in the World of Sports!NO OJ!!!! 
    PSYCO Ward This is were you get to see if your loOnY. In other words take some tests you see if your nuts. 
    News & Goverment links.. WHATS HAPPING IN THE WORLD TODAY LOOK HERE! Just what is the US government up to?