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Another one passes, but this one your not here.

And when days like these come all I can hear is the wind that blows off the sandy shore and cry.

This day is a day to forget, and yesterday is a day to remember.

And now all I can do is remember,

Remember that all I want is you, for no stronger words can pass through my lips this day.

All I ever really wanted was to, spend this day with the one person that I Love, for you were the only person that Really Loved me.

The one thing I want to have this day I canít and never will again.

Now a day for celebration becomes a day of sadness.

Itís just another day I want to forget, but I canít. br>

For here comes another one, .
. another one were I can only hear the wind that blows bye.. as tears fall from my sore eyes.

by:Brady Smith

July 20, 1997