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For What She Be to Me?

Some times we meet people that are truly special and unique in this world, and they are so hard to come by. For they can enrich lives in ways even we can't understand, and it is why we can't just let them walk by.

For this is why, I can't let show for what I feel, for I am afraid that I will be turned away and have nothing. So little time, so much that isn't said, for this what I truly dread. I'll listen to her for I'll be there when she needs me, but she can not be here for me. For my life has always been a ruff one, and I can't subject her to the pain I feel, because sometimes it's so bumpy that even I fall apart.

I like what we have now, and a good friend is something so hard to find. As a friend she will accept me for as I am, and as I do with her. And now we can share true thoughts and feelings, and always rely on an honest word. In hard times we need a friend to get us through, to listen, help, and to always be true. So friends yes this will be best, until that she might let me know that she is ready to put love to the test.

By: Brady Smith