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The Bird that flew away.....

The bird that once sang to me, I loved to hear.
Her song took me so high and to different places that I never dreamed of before, but the storm that follows me, rained down upon the beautiful bird.
And so when I needed to hear her song most.
She flew away........
My soul left empty with out her song, and now the rain falls from my own eyes.
I long to hear her song again, but she no longer wants to return to sing it.
I have made her sad with my life, and my heart falls bellowing into pieces upon the thick ground.
I hope she is truly happy were ever she fly's to.
I hope she returns some day, but I really wish that she feels the love and longing for her morning song that will always last.
New dawns come, but with out the bird's morning melody they are not as bright as they once were.... 
By:  Brady Smith