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Does the Morning Bird See the Same Stars as the Cat ?

A tiered Old Cat lays down on the soft grass in an open field, after a long event laden day. He casts his eyes up into the clear dark peaceful night sky, and gazes into the vastness of it all. The twinkling stars bring a serenity to it all, and he wonders at this very night at this very moment of time is the Morning Bird looking up into the same heavens, gazing up at the same stars as he?

Their different busy lives keep them apart, but yet ironically their paths always seem to find a way to intertwine. Can this be chance, luck, or something else? Something that is so unique in this world, that it couldn't happen to any one, with any one but them.

For they are so much alike, and at the same time different in so many ways. The Cat rolls around on the ground and opens his eyes as Early Morning Birds sings her radiant song every new dawn. Her soft lovely voice soothes him, especially when the thunder and cold rain fall upon his wearied head. Some days when the Cat least expects it the Early Bird happens fly by and says hello to him. Then when the Cat talks to the Early Bird, he looses all sense and track of time. For their conversations run like a smooth ever flowing stream. A simple smile from her beautiful face lightens his heart and puts a pep in his step. For this feels so real to the cat, and yet he does not know what to do, because this is all new to him.

The Cat doesn't know, he is confused but in a good way. His soul is clear in what it wants, but his mind is in a dizzy spin. How many times can the Cat mess up by not saying what he wants to say to the Early Bird, and then by some amazing chance of luck, have another chance to the very same day. Still sometimes the Cat acts like an old rock by not saying what he wants, not what he feels, But ironically the Cat doesn't feel as bad the second time. For he feels fate or what ever you can call it, will bring their paths in life to meet again. But finding confort in this has hindered him and now it bothers his soul, for what right does the Cat dare to test these chances and powers that be, time after time, again and again. All the missed times the two should of, have could have had are now gone and pretty soon their time will pass. The Cat knows he has not made the most of that time, and he prays not to make the same mistakes ever again. And if he does, he hope the Early Bird's song can give him all the helpful reminders he needs.

He doesn't know were to go from here for this path is one the Cat has never seen or taken before. It is only one he has heard about. For the path can carry him to ether extreme. And sadly he doesn't know If he can take that risk right now, for the old Cat has felt and seen too much, but at the same time not enough. Ironically he has been a loner all his life, and now that he is truly alone in this world, he doesn't want it to be this way anymore. So he wants to change his life, but not him self for that can only happen from time and lessons learned. Change is good yes, but it must happen for the right reasons. Not out of sadness, not out of loneliness, and not to be rushed, but it should happen in its own time.

So the Old Cat needs to do something new. Until he finds out exactly what it is, he just hopes that he keeps running into the Early Morning Bird.

So he can listen to her songs, brightening his days.

June 8, 1997

Brady Smith