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Can U see same Stars as I?

I take a deep breath in the midnight air.  It cools my lungs as well as my life.
I stare up at the clear dark peaceful night sky and gaze into the vastness of it all.
The bright twinkling stars bring a serenity to my soul, and I wonder at this night at this very moment of time   is some one looking up at the same star as I.
And if so,  do they share my dreams, understand my thoughts, and yet remain so unique.

Is life Fate or chance ?
Some say life is it what we make it to be.
But as I look up to that bright glowing star this night, I beleive it's a bit of both.
That on our path in life sometimes, it will take us to places that we can't even dream.
And it is thought paths we must walk upon.
Can it be that busy lives keep us apart, but ironically make our paths intertwine.
I don't know were I go from here for this path is one I have never seen or taken. It is only one I have heard about.  For that path can carry me to ether extreme.
For that path  will change me so I'll never be the same.
Change is good, but it must happen for the right reasons. Not out of sadness, not out of loneliness, and not to be rushed, but it should happen in its own time.  But yet to take too much time, will untimaly mean that the road will come to an end.