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The Dance

The tempos in life seem to have taken a sourer beat. No longer is the rhythm smooth and even flowing. Stop.. Start! When to begin? It all is now too confusing as to were to put my feet anymore, for it all seems like jumbled mess.

Out here on the dance floor I feel as everyone is looking at me, as I try too hard stay with the beat. I trip and stumble then hit the ground, the people just stand around chuckling and laughing, as I smile to hide the tears from the pain I feel. Some ask if I'm O.K., but I tell them yes before thinking, I have never wanted to burden or inconence people with my own troubles. I have always sucked it up showing people I'm tuff I can take it, for I getup and try to dance again. But as they walkway I realize my faux pas and too proud to ask for a hand. I fall flat on my face again.


Brady Smith

03/31/97 3:32 PM