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The Day Breaks a New

The day breaks a new, as the dew in the morning sparkles off of the blossoming blades of green grass. With warm beams of sun light that shine down from ahigh and light up the sky like a fire in the night. And slowly the wind blows from the sea, as yesterday becomes only but a memory.

Life is but a flash that no still picture can ever hold. Ahead, still out of focus. I look back as the pictures fade more and more with each new dawn. And as the tears fall from eyes of her children, the cherished pictures that we try to keep forever, eventually slip through our fingers and fade away from sight.

I try to feel for what I can not see, and I am sometimes, most of the times burned. For these days I ponder and wonder what it would be like not to hurt again, not to feel anymore. Then I look around and see the candles that no longer have a flame, they just sit around with no purpose, no fire, no soul. Quickly the seconds past as the wind blows, and I'm thankful and rejuvenated for the flame still burns in me. Not as brightly as it once did but ever-more still of the same warmth.

Brady Smith