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Drop of the Bird

A drop of water falls and echoes as the ripple fade off into the distance.
the truth is sometimes solice is a lonely place to be.
the ripples continue to flow out trying to touch something.
but they don't.
for then they fade. .
A hollow tree can not carry the weight it cracks and falls to the
as a pile of splinters.
A bird has lost its voice, and the harder it tries to get it back, the
harder it becomes to sing.
It thought that it could feel the sun again, but all it can do is burrow
itself in to the ground like a mole.
Its so unlike itself now, but the bird still tries to flap his wings.
Like tears of sadness the harder the bird flaps,
the more feathers fallout.
And some days the bird can fly higher than others, and the others
it falls to the ground.
Some times the tiered broken bird takes longer to get up from some falls more than others.
But it always tries, even if it looks in vain.
It knows that it can no longer wait for the sun to peer though the clouds.
For the bird must fly and sore above the dark clouds if it is ever to
sing its beautiful song to the sun again.

Brady Smith