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Dark is our World?

I thought the world was dark but it's not; I know that now for I have seen the light. This world is made of dark, light, but mostly gray like a thick fog were no one can see what's in front or what was behind them. The grayness makes it harder to see the light, and they no longer can tell what is dark anymore. Lost is hope, lost are dreams, the only thing that they can see is what happening now and only to themselves. The people try and focus too much on what's in front of them, and are not paying attention to the darkening of the fog ahead. Nor do they look up at the sky any more. For they have forgotten to what the sun feels and looks like. Some times I think I have, but I still look up. And somedays I again see the sun break threw the clouds. For it is these days that I hang on to and try to give to other people. To lift them up from the fog and darkness, so they can fly in blue and white skies.

By: Brady Smith

04/01/97 12:07:03 AM