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For How Thy Find Love

For what do I dissenvoul a soul such as mine. For I once was so blind, yet overly disillusioned by the works of this world I was blind to the fact it self.. For I asked my self which rapcities of life should I let besiege it. Besiege it?

No, before one can love another the one must love thyself and have empathy for those of which that not love thee.

Not muscle or brawn make a man strong, but tit is his heart. And not for which it can take but for what it gives.

With out love one can not flow to a soothing sound of a melody?

Nor with out love one can not have the passion to light up and burn through the night sky like a shooting star.

And for even without love one can not softly pick a rose from the garden with out being pricked.

For with thy love one can find the peace for which every man covets but can not have. For he does not know were to find it, when all he has to do is to look hard within himself. And then when once thou hast found it, he must give it away. For only then will ones soul hast found true love and only then loved shall one be.

By: Brady Smith