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Happyness Falls Away

Why dose happiness fall away from me.
Oh look at that girl and what she has done to me.

We shared our lives like never before, I knew in my soul I wanted to stay with her for ever more.
She filled my heart with so much love, Oh I thanked the good lord from up abouve.

Days came and happiness was shared,
and then one night with a call she ended it like she didn't ever really cared.
Oh the voices that we heard caused us to run off our path.
To hurt a special love that would ever last.

If we only took the time to confide our thoughts and feeling that we shared.
Then we would have known how much each other cared.

Beauty is what she gave to me.
No other woman can compare to her for she is the one that can really see.
She was a part of my heart and a part of my life.
And now my heart has been ripped away for she no longer wants to be my wife.
How could her feelings change so quickly in one day.
Why wont she tell me? What didn't I do or say.
She ran away, something she promised she would never do.
And now I'm left alone, yes I've been played the fool.

The pain, anger, frustration they are all there,
but ironically they pale in comparison and can not even begin to change the way I deeply care.

Happiness falls
and all is felt is a heart with empty halls.
Brady Smith