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Heart Meadows

Heart filled meadow fades away as the earth awakes from it's warm dream.

In a hot baron land  an oasis is seen, but it is only a illusionary cloud that evaporates when one tries to reach for it.
Like playing a deck of cards the joke has been played, and now the cards fly up and fall creating a random mess.

In a rest the camp fire burns my feet, and I awake to an empty silent woods.
No morning birds song,   for rain has washed its hope away.

The dam breaks and suffocates the green grass below, but a fish still swims.
I though the sun might not shine it did but It went away.
The fall begins but why does it have to be.

Why cant the dove wait till the flood waters subside a very special tree is waiting for her to perch on.
So they can see the grass again begain to grow.

Brady Smith