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How Far Have We Come.

As I walk this land I see a great many things.

I walk the fields of the wester plains, and see great atrocities that have been inflicted on a race of people.

I walk in the in the twisted steel jungle, and feel a great heavy foot bearing down on those with so little.

I look for a place of tranquility, and there are none too be found.

I look for children, and yet there are only small adults.

I look for the kindness in my bother's heart, and it is filled with greed and decent.

I listen for the sounds of joy, I only can hear the moans of despair.

I speak the name of the Lord , and I'm shunned.

After it is all said and done,I think to my self, How far have we really come....?

By: Brady Smith 09/20/95

Copyright 95 BS