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I Put Energy in but Get Nothing Out from You.


Spinning around is my tormented soul, for were I am or were Iím going I do not know.

And Iím afraid to find out.

I keep on putting energy in but I get nothing out.

Now sapped away, is every thing from my soul. For it is because I care too much.

I care and I canít for I know it is killing me.

But I still doÖ .

I still care..

and now I feel like Iím slowly dieing.

That is why I must stay away. For it hurts too much to stay, but it also tears my heart apart to go.

I cant live this way, spinning around.

I have faced worse malevolent storms before, but now I have no anchor or a rope.

You see you donít care anymore, so now the rope has been cut away.

Setting my soul adrift in the fierce stormy ocean.

Were it is at the mercy of becoming rotted wood at the bottom of her cold watery depths.


Brady Smith