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I Just Thought

I thought I could say what I wanted, but now all hope is gone.
Silence now is what keeps me company through out the night.
                                And lonely ness is all that I can cling to.
                            Washed away is hope as tears fall from my heart.
  For in trying to lighten my load I have only over burdened those around me, and now I have scared them away.
Afraid to speak, I hide my tears, and silently carry my burden as my legs begine to crack.
I sink in a quicksand that no one can see, but only I can feel.
        Have I've seen my brightest days, are they yet to appear?
I look for a speck of sun light, yet no-one is around to help me find it. .
and lonely ness is all that I can cling to anymore.
Brady Smith    10/25/97