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Left Love

What was once felt to be so real becomes not at real at all.
What looked alive fell, where on one was to hear it.
Trust is betray, a broken heart made.
Spun in a dark room there is only restlessness exists.
Heavy are the nights that falls endless tears.
The Sun that once shined has fallen never to come up again.
And what was hope, joy and love become thorns that tear deep within the soul.
How could a bright sunny day become so hellish.
One that would never end.
Direction is lost and so is the meaning.
so what is the piont of going on.
Love what is it?  A crule joke played on a careing fool?
I still feel but there is so much pain, it makes me not want to feel again.
Yet it persists even if it isn't to be returned, and it echoes as if it were a pebble falling in a dark empty cave.
And one lonely soul persists, forever in the vast night.

Brady Smith