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We all are in a Maze of Kraze

What walls we build to protect our soul.
Why the cold restraints we put ourselves in , to hold us back from our dreams?
Nothing is true nothing is right. Is it really true, have we all given up the fight?
Our minds have been clouded by the smog of mankind.
No longer can we see the sun in the morning, nor can we see the stars that sparkle through out the night.


Itís all a maze in a craze.

Were little things matter not, anymore..

The people are just in too much of a rush, to Finnish out their lives.

Yet they go so fast they havenít began to live.

What a place they built this world of today. A place of corrosiveness, hatred, and dismay.


So what ever high walls and steel chains this society constructs, I will not abide.

Because it is not me my soul is free.

I will vault and tear down the highest of these walls.

I will push and pull until the disheartening steel chains break.

And I will be Free, I will be Me.

Iíll rise up above the clouds to see.

So my life will be a true reflection of my soul.




Brady Smith 7/24/1997