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for this is inspired by and devoted to the woman that I truly and deeply love.
 To: Carrie Rightmire

It's More Than Just a Feeling

Just a feeling but oh so much more,
I feel so much,
Just to hear her voice fills me up with so much joy I runover.
Her warm words cradle my swollen hear,
letting me know that it will be all ok.
Her voice is like the birds mourning song,
signaling the sunshine that she emits into my life.
It's more than just a feeling.
For just to see her bright smile raises me so high,
that I will never fall for now I can truly fly.
It's the sparkle in her eyes that holds me,
and I am taken away to a place were happiness never ends.
It's more than just a feeling.
She is so unique and special that I feel and know
that there is no one else like her in this world.
For she is the only one that shines through the darkest clouds,
and glows in the thickest of night.
It's more than just a feeling.
Even the silence we share together is so peaceful, it's at that moment that we nolonger need words to understand one another
For now we can feel each others soul in a time that will never end.
For I truly LOVE her and I fall up and up more with each passing day,
and I realize that I am in awl of her soul.
For It's so much more than just a feeling .
It is LOVE
It is her.
and I hope you know  Carrie it's you = )
Brady Smith