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The Rain and the Sun
By:Brady Smith

I look into the sky and it's raining down.
I can't tell whether some of the drops fall from my own eyes or if they come from the dark sky.
The people of today are not dressed for this weather,
they so casually walk around cant they feel it falling down....

Oh it's a hard life to lead, but what is life without a little struggle.
And what didn't kill me yesterday just made me a little deeper.

I'd rather be an ocean than a puddle on the street, cause once someone steps in it you see that there was really nothing there, when all the water splashes out and runs down a gutter.
And who really cares? I can't tell any more ,
I just know I feel for more than my self.

Oh the flower needs the rain just as much as it needs the sun, so it can grow and bloom then shine upon the world its beauty.

Now it's bin raining for far too long I sure do wish the sun would come out from those clouds and shine, on me...

The water is getting higher as thundering flood waters rise.
I pray that my head stays above the rising tide, and I hope that my roots are strong enough to keep me from washing away.

Oh hang on to my faith for it's all I really ever have. For you are the sun shine in my life.
For you brought me too far to just let me wither away.
So I'll hang on for another day.
No you really never go away. You have always been there , been there when I realy needed you.
And Now you part the clouds and wash away my tears.
Im ready ...
Ready to shine upone the world.