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No Longer Can You Stand in my Shaddow

Brady Smith



I remember the days when you stood behind me, for you were too small to take the blows that were being throne.

So I took them for you, and I was glad to. And after each painful punch that I absorbed there would be a smile on my face, for I knew that, that one would never hurt you. I tried to stop every strong belittleing blow, but I was not good enough some slipped through, and I'm truly sorry for that.

I have waited for this time all of your life, but now that it comes it saddens me. For you no longer need me protecting you can take the blows and no-longer do you need someçne to fight for you. You have to decide what you want to fight for. No-longer do you need me any more and now being useless to you saddens me. But on the other side if you did, that would sadden me even much more. No longer can you stand behind me in my shadow. That's no life for any one to live. For every tree needs to feel the sun, so it can grow.

Once I would have to look down to talk to you, now we stand eye to eye although we don't see that way any more. For you must walk away to find your own path. And now moi aime so must I.