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For I no longer know were I stand.
and all I can see is chilling thick gray skies from up above.
For what I once knew is now gone, and I continue my quest to find it.
Not knowing which path to take, I stumble like a child in the night. searching for a light to help me find my way.
Life is a mystery upon itself.  One that we all search, but look in different places to find it.
                I turn to my soul, and reflect upon all the joys, loves, loses, and sorrows in my life. 
For what they give us is something more, something that no-one can ever take away.  We are who we are because of them, and we now we can never be the same.  Never again will we see the same beautiful sun set at night, nor will we feel the same soft snowflake touch our cheek. 
But new suns rise as well as many more snowflakes fall.  Not all of them are as special but some are, and we hang on,  we hold on to memories and start life anew.    
For there is something more. something. somewhere out there.
But most importantly thanks to them there is something more in us.....

By:  Brady Smith