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Just a Speck?

When I look up into the night sky I feel a big open universe about me,
and what specks of light I see they are so tiny.
I know they are so much more than just a small glimmer of light.
They are ghastly so much more this I know.

But as I look up what do that star see?
I'm I a bright speck as such as he, or am I so tiny that he can not even see that I exsist?
 I'm I just a dull speck on this miniscule little world, or can the star see and know more of me?
Do I pierce the dark night sky as brightly as that star I see?
Or I'm I just a flicker that is that is drowned in the world around me?

When I look up I have to take a deep breath and open up my arms and I feel the vastness of sky and realized that there is so much more.
And I feel the need to fly high and be apart of it.  For it is a part of me.

By:  Brady Smith