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Tired Feet

Feet grow tired as the day moves on.  for the heavy burdens wear them down.

Eyes which once could see nothing but blue sky's, now open to a never ending night.

A heart that was once so full now lies on the lonely ground, broken and hollow. only a former memory unto its self.
Once when there was sadness tears would fall.  But now no longer can the rain come.  For the eyes are as dry as burned ashes. Every thing is evaporated for here, Yet the dark clouds still remane. 
You see the river doesn't flow here any more.

And as if life's a dream, the bird flys.
His only desire is to purch on a branch and sing to to the world his song.
But no one cares to hear his song.
No one is listening.

He sings and sings waiting to hear another bird's song off in the distance.
Until he can no longer sing.  .  Then he closes his eyes and falls to were his heart lies below.
Brady Smith