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I thought I was loved in this would but I was fooled.
My heart is an open womb, for a very special part of it left.
There is nothing like it in the would to know that no one wants you or truly cares for you.
What is the point of life if there is no one that wants to share it with you.
I rome aimlessly with no place to rest.  Kicked and cursed out of home from were I slept.
And now I shiver on the cold ground below.
Oh I shed a thousand tears for she gives me something that no one can replace and now she has run away.
alone with no place to go, I drift like the ghost ship on the foggy night.
I howl at the moon for the pain my heart feels, for overwhelming is the love that remains.

Miss guided by the scandalous wind around me.  It clouded my mind and covered eyes but Not my Heart.  and now after all this mess I have learned to close my ears and listen to what my heart and soul has to say.  And I wander what does hers say and is she listening to her heart.
Oh I guess only time will tell and I hope that is enough.

She was a part of me for she was my dearest friend and my soul is missing the companion that I thought I would have for more than life.

Just her smile and her thoughts brighten my day and I want to have her in my life in any way.
Our souls are so speacial, bright, and unique, so different but so much more alike. For not normal are we, we are ourselves.
Why throw away something so special It dose not matter what the wind says I now know what I feel and now deeply it gos.  So I will go with what my heart and soul feels, thus being my self again. and now I can be a true deep friend for I am true to my self.

Brady Smith