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Upward Bound Moving On
Brady Smith 7/27/98

Yesterday has now become a memory and we are sad for the happy times and way of life has now become a peace of history.
Now we can no longer recapture what we had.
We didn't really realize what we had till it's gone and now our life is like a hollow room were Images of the past echo off the barren walls.
Now an empty room is left that needs to be frilled with new experences that we are yet to feel.
And life goes on.
As do we to make new memories in the vast world and create more memorable moments in the lives of others.
And that's what living is all about.

this poem was written under a tree one day after I said good bye to all my upward bound students.  They enriched my life, and Im just glade I could give them some insight and help them grow into the great people that they will become.