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Up the Hill

My body now aches from years of pushing.
                 My soul lies heavy with hints of despair, for legs are too weak to stand.
     And now I strain to open my eyes, as body falls to the ground.

     I look up and there is a big hill infont of me.   Just its colossal sight takes my energy away along with my drive.  I take a beep breath push my sore legs as hard as I can.  But I feel as if I'm moving as slow as a turtle on the busy road,  thatís all Iím now, for it's all I can do.  And now as the cars flash bye they make the ground shake & tremble, stiring up gusts of wind that make me loose my balance and I fumble.  Iím just lucky I wasnít hit, but then sometime I wish I had been. 
I look ahead again and now the steep hill has grown into an enormous Mountain!
Itís one even I canít hope to climb, because now I cant stand and my body is too hurt to move.  Now stuck, itís too far to go down and Itís too high to get up.  But Iíve never given up, oh but this scares me, now I want to.
With a last bust I push will all my might, but yet I get know were.  Slowly I slip and begin to fall, for now the road has become a slick sheet of ice, and there is nothing to hang on too.
I continue to fall looking for just a hand,..  a hand of a friend to help me back on my feet again.
So I can make it , make it up any Mountant or hill.
cc 8/29/97                                   Brady Smith