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Upon Me Dawns a New Light

The new light that dawns upon me.
It is one that I have never felt before.
For read I've read stories of it before, and it was only thought to have been a ledgen.
Yet it was one that I always believed in, even though I couldn't see it.
In ways I feel so different, but yet I am the same.
For the light enables me to see so much more, and that so few can truly every see.
The new light carries a richness, something so special that I can't even begin to describe.
And yet like a deer frozen in headlights Im afraid to move, for I might be truly seen.
For if that should happen the light might scurry off into the forest never to be seen again.
And I would be left alone in the dark.
If I should lay petrified the light will eventually move on, as so would I.
But I would have experienced so little and yet felt so much less.
So I will try and walk with the light so that it came guide me to were I have always dreamed. 
Brady Smith                1/18/98