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Why Do You Stay On The Ending Path

I walk in the face of destiny although I control my own path. Now I'm brought to the realization that there is an ending for yours, and I don't want to see it but I know some day it must come, some day. But not today. You could try to stay longer, but yet you go on down your falling fading path. Why don't you try another path? I know now you see it's ending, as you were told it would for years, but now you act like nothing has happened, like nothing has changed. Can you see, and not really hear, or do you dismiss what you see as only a dession? For I hope it is only this,.. I hope. And I pray it's not what I think I see and hear in your vioce, that you have given up. That you don't care any more. That you have given up in changing paths, that you have given up on life and those that love you. That you believe that it is no longer worth the strugle, that your legs are tried and you just want to lay and sleep.

We all get tired, we all feel pain. True some of us more that others and many of us in different ways. But we all do. Some can't see it, some don't care look for it. But I do. Why don't you? Why don't you even try?

I reach out to you with my hands to try and help pull you off your ill forsacen short path. But you just walk away, tearing away a peice of my heart each time. How many more piece do you want to fall, untill there is nothing left? Untill there is no life left inside of me?

For I know I can make it with out you now, but what about some one else? The some one that will have no-one else, and will become lost not able to see what paths to take.

Although I could go on, I canít not like this. Your lifeless walk sucks all the love and life from me, and I fear soon I will become like you are now. No! I donít want to become like thisÖ. I was shown and raised better than this, and so were YOU! Have you forgotten her so quickly? Is her love for life that she taught us purged from your soul? Please say no, please say no.

Just Try and look for it. Look in some elseís small little eyes. .. Donít let it happen to them.

Donít just give up, donít give up on us. Really Try and reach for our hands, we will pull you up, and Help carry you to a longer fulfilling path.

Brady Smith 6/13/97