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What She Is to Me

What she is to me.
She is some one so bright I'd thought I would never see.
So unlike anyone else but so much more like me.
Oh I know she can really see.
In this world I feel like the wrong piece of a puzzle, Where there is no were I truelly fit in.
But She is the piece that fits into my soul and heart.
Oh you know I began to feel it from the start.

I dream of her on sunny days
For she is the warm thought that comes to mind.
I feel she is a companion to my soul, one that  I thought I'd never really find.

What she is,    She is!    She is the woman I love.
So much so that I thank good Lord up above.
This is who she is to me.
Some one so special and unique that I'll love her eternally.

Brady Smith
cc 7/18/98