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What holds me back?

Why I be this way,

What holds me back?

Why do I hold back?

I'm a fool, not afraid to wrestle with a vicious hungry lion or bear.

But terrified to touch the soft warm petals of a rose.

And why don't I act? I just sit around like a fool scared to show the way I truly feel. Afraid to be myself. For my heart is so sensitive and my mind and body are like a rock. So is my heart a weakness? No it is my greatest strength, but it hurts all to much.

So much I want to say to her. But the words just don't come out, and now I toss and turn for what I haven't done. It itches and festers, for it bothers me when I be this way. Selfish trying to protect my own feelings and stupid pride. And Not on what Really Matters.

I can see the tears in her eyes, yet I do nothing to lighten her heart. I guess am afraid that all I could ever give her is sadness that I feel..

And Ironically sadness is all I'll feel if I keep holding back.

By: Brady Smith

cc 5/4/97