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What Matters to Trees

The tall trees that stand do not make a sound,
they only whisper when they sway in the wind.
And what lovely songs the birds sing wile perched in her branches,
to awaken the brighter days ahead.
For the sunlight that trickles through,
and warms the once shaded ground below.

Can the worm see this to know it is true?
Does the fish in the ever changing white river ever apprishuate the breeze that moves the growing tree?
The answer is the worm need not see with the eyes of a bird,
nor a fish see with eyes of a deer.

For if they did,
they would be amiss in a world not made for them
They would not be their true selves.
It is not what they each can see, rather than it is what each one does and feels.

So, No the earth worm need not feel the warm rays of the sun,
nor the fish feel the wind that sways the trees.
What matters is that they are each are individually happy,
and truly feel were each of them are, is were each of them belongs.

Brady Smith