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The Yearning

A long yearning burns within my soul.
What I thought was a new beginning became a water fall from were I wait to hit the ground below.
I lost my most solid ground and I cant understand why it washed away from my feet.
A longing to share leaves me empty were I thought that some one in this world would truly care they ended up running away from my painful life.
and life seems less but still good.  Its just not as special as it could be.  and it makes me deeply sad.
My worst fears came true were I was afraid to ever trust.
I did and now Im left because of it.
Silence fills my life as I search for the one song I hope to hear, but the song no longer wants to be sung.
The random winds misguides the ships in the night.  Miss direction has lead them astray and they each need to regain their barring to set sail again.
Ironically the one I need most of all right now no longer wants to be has and silence is left to fill an empty broken heart.
And the yearning for understanding burns, but sadly their is no one that truly understands.
Brady Smith