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My revew of PLAYSTATION Games and Other Games


Assult Rigs
Wow, what can I say Assult Rigs is a very souped up version of the old 2600 combat game. This is a 3D Tron type game, and you can pick to vew the game in mutiple angels. Its a good one player game But this Game Kicks ass in 2 player mode. This is what the link cable was made for!

I wanted the game to have no grafite on the Tron levels. I get bord on the one player game.
Rating grafix=8
Rating contr.=7 Rating Fun =4 (1 player) 9 (2pl) LASTING fact.=5

Doom Sucks It's Not as good as the PC version! Rating grafix=3
Rating contr.=4 Rating Fun =2 (1 player) same old same old 6 (2pl) LASTING fact.=2

by: Crazy B