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Submit It! is a free service designed to make the process of submitting your URLs to a variety of WWW catalogs faster and easier. Register with over 15 different catalogs, but fill out just one form!

Thanks to my friend Matt Kerner for designing the Submit It! logo.

Suggestions? Bug reports? Check the Frequently Asked Questions first, and then write Scott Banister []. Please do not send URL registrations or site descriptions to me. You must use the form below.

Submit It! is now supported by advertisers. If you are interested in sponsoring this site, please contact SponsorNet []

Register with the Submit It! Announcements List so I can keep you informed of important changes to my site and the submission policies of catalogs and search engines.

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Many users have asked me what their next step in publicizing their web site should be after using Submit It! Since many commercial services have sprung up and started offering for-pay web publicity services, some good and others not-so-good, I have decided to offer my recommendations here:


For promotion of your Web site by an Internet professional via a variety of promotional channels, I recommend WebPromote(tm). Programs start at $250.


PostMaster - Announce Your URL Everywhere!

To announce your URL in as many places as possible (over 350), I recommend The PostMaster(tm). The service costs $500 for a single use and $1,000 for four uses.

To avoid confusion with the services mentioned above, let me reiterate: Submit It! is and always will be free!

The Submit It! Submission Form

After you submit the completed form below, Submit It! will return a page with submission buttons for all the sites you selected. All of your information will be encoded in that page and no more typing will be necessary. Use that page to register your site with the catalogs.


Yahoo Open Text Infoseek WebCrawler
Apollo Starting Point ComFind BizWiz
Galaxy What's New Too! METROSCOPE Lycos

LinkStar New Rider's WWW YP Nerd World Media Alta Vista

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