cc Brady Smith



King & Civil Rights Lesson Plan using the Web


Upon completion of this lesson students will have the know how to extract useful information off the World Wide Web. They will have an understanding of the civil rights time period in America, and an awareness of the obstacles that Martin Luther King had to over come to persue his dream. They will see the relevance of civil rights and how it helped shape our nation and the world.

The Leaner

The instruction is designed for ninth to tenth graders in a US History class.




Students would be graded on their group time line of the Civil rights movement and the life of Dr. King. They will be aloud to sight and use the information extracted on their reports that will also graded individually.

Previous Instruction

Students would have past knowledge in the history of WWII. The social and political atmosphere of the 50ís and the 60ís that had covered will be very important. Also past knowledge of slavery and the civil war will be relevant.

This Lesson

This lesson should approximately take four days. Three days to work in groups to extract information and create a time line. The fourth day would be for group presentations. Groups would rotate computer use every 20 minutes. To make certain all groups get equal time on them. Extra time and extra credit would be given to those that stayed after school to work on their project.

Future Instruction

Students will view a video on the civil rights movement after completion of the report will continue to the Cold War and the striving for space exploration.