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Hi, and welcome to the

PsycO Ward!!

No, no, no.
Don't be afraid I'm not psyco or anything, but I am a Psychology Major at UD, so I must be crazy. No, not that ether
Just hyperactive.
Well anyway I hope you enjoy these Psychological Page's

Take a test and learn more about Psychology

Psychology.Com A great place to start
TestMaster Test your IQ or see if your psyco
Handwriting Fonts
Test Your Personality See if you really are a Jerk
Angie Column
Many more links
Subintellect's Personality Test !
Meyers Briggs (MBTI) Test your Temperament
Personalty test! these things aren't real you know.
Know that you know your personality see what Career might be for you.

How did you do on your psychological test? Mail me
That bad? Well beter try again, and try my Wild Page You can find chat links there.
Au revoir, au revoir!
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