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Bonjour, This is a Crazy place to be!

WelcOme to A craZy place to be,
Crazy B's Home Page.
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Hullo, this is BRADY and this is my crazy Web Page. I have inclued links to many interesting places, well at least I think that they are....

Wild Stuff Educational Links My Poems Atrs &Enterainment Mods, Samples and Music
The BibleFrance and EuropeVideoGames Psyco WardNews and Government
Sport Pages My Friends Le Search

I hope that is enouf! And leave your comments about my page.EnJoY!.
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    I'm allways looking to improve, and I'd love to hear what you gotta say.
     I hope you enjoyed this rendition of the Crazy B page!
    Je l'aime, Au revoir, Au revoir!

    Le Fin
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