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On this page is Wild stuff that I do not know what to do with 
Lets change things
Try chatting on the Internet. Now Girls becareful, remeber Mom & Dad saying "Don't talk to strangers." There are a lot of sickOs out there, but if you never talk to strangers how will you make any new friends? But still it's Dangerous out there so becareful.
Deanna's World Chat Links 
NBA Chat 
Deanna's Education Chat 
More Chatting spots 
Chat World Wide
Hey take a Look at Nature 
Riddle me this and that, win some money so you can be fat!
Whats The name of your Phone Number? 
Where is a nice Park? Use Park Search 
You don't know Jack! a quiz show 
Email Cards to your Freinds!
Discovery Channel fix 
Tease Your Brain 
Map Quest
Need help with HOME WORK
Where am I going?
Look Planets  Legos Cool sights
Look into a Telescope !
Late for Work, need a great Excuse
Look out in to the Real World !
Net Links
If you dont like these pages,.. Your Ma'ma is
If you are a bachelor like me and have no money to eat out.
LOOK then COOK   I can't cook because I wait too long. I only look for something when I'm starving. Then I sit there for what seems like days waiting for the @#$ thing to cook. Most of the time I end upburning it or eating the meat under cooked,I get sick form dat.   AND How do you cook every thing so it's done at the same time?
Dah Hello with it. Enjoy the links.
Allons Repas 
Yahoo's Book of Recipes 
Too bad I only read these Magizens on the computer, and not when I need to take care of bussiness.
Mr. ShOW BiZz
The Internet Magazine Index 
Internet Wold 
Sunset Magazine 
a Internet MAG! 
Well My Dad is a weather freak... He spends hours and hours a day sitting infront of the TV watching the Weather Chanel. Hopefully these links will get him off the TV so I can Watch some thing!

Whats the Weather like at home?

Select a state:

The Weather Channel !
Purdue Weather Processor 
USA Today Weather . 
Interactive Weather Browser
Freese-Notis National Radar
Looking 4 job don't ask me I ain't got one!  I have 5!! Ahh 
Career Mosaic
E-Span's Employment Network

Do you like ER, or are my Web Pages Making you naushis?
Well If so visit one of these Hospitalts..
University of San Francisco, Health Sciences News
Biosciences from Harvard 
Health Education Technology Information 
Stanford University Medical Center
National Library of Medicine HyperDOC 
Oncolink Cancer Information 
New York University Medical Center 
Virtual Hospital at University of Iowa 
Alabama Blue Cross Blue Shield 

Autre WEB SIGHTS J'aime

Here are some other Very CoOl WEB sights
 Best of the Web, Cool Site of the Day, Scott Yanoff's Internet Source List, NCSA's Internet Starting Points, CERN's Internet Sources by Subject, NCSA's What's New Page, The Internet Magazine Index, Hot WIRED and Welcome to Techweb Mes Amies!!  
{snuffle}{snuffle} Why doesn't any one want to talk to me?
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