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Martin Luther King, Jr.

Jan. 15, 1929 - April 4, 1968

MLK: Martin Luther King Jr
Britannica Online         searched for: King
The Civil Rights time line         searched with info seek
Hear King's "I have a Dream" 
with Real Audio                        text
Letter From Birmingham City Jail
Use Yahoo or other Search Engines help
Need help about the civil period
multimedia of the civil rights period
pictures to help your time line

The Assignment:
In groups use the Web to search and create a time line of the life and happenings in Martin Luther Kings life.  Use some of the links that I have made to help you but more importantly search for your own.  Hopefully you can find some cool and interesting web sites.  The time line should not just only reflect the life of Dr. King but the events and feelings of the time period.  Use not only reports to express the evens and feelings of the time period use pictures too.
Be careful not to plagiarize and only print the web information that you used with its URL location.  Help every one keep on task because group time is limited and you all receive the same grade. 
Part 2 of the Assignment:
Start collecting information for your report.  Remember your report will not only be about Dr. King,  It will be about the civil rights movement and how it shaped people lives in the time and how it changed your world to make it what it is today.
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