Brady's Poems

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Hi and welcome to my
Poem Page
I hope like some of my poems tell me what you think of them.

I'll alway love you,Now I'm alone

The Tides That Pull Me.
The Rain and Sun
The Dance
The Waves of Time
What holds me Back?
How far have we come?
The Bird
Like a Car with No Breaks
My Life
I Recite My Life
Hollidays arn't what they used to be
Why We Can't Just Let Them Walk Bye.
Dark World?
Day Breaks a New
Ever Flowing Life
For How Thy Love
If I Dream Will I Whant To Wake?
Why Do You Stay On The Ending Path?
The River of Life
No longer can you Stand in my Shadow
I Put Energy in but Get Nothing Out from You.
20th DAY
The Cycles of Life
For it is His Nature
We all are in a Maze of Kraze!
Rainy Days
Up the Hill
Gone is the Stream
In the Fall
Do I deam for the imposable?
Eye of the Morning Storm
Tierd feet
Some Times
What the Broken car must do
The Leaf that Falls Upon Me
No Place Like Home
I thought
I Search
The Sky
Can I any More?
The Stain
Drop of the Bird
Never with out you
Moved as Season Turn
The River that Parts
Upon me dawns a New Light
Do You See the Same Stars as I
The Breath that Blows Always Life
Starlight Smiles
Time Waves
The Silence
Moved to Words
Ever More
Once they were Broken Hearts
What Matters to Trees
Why Cant we See
A Child Born in Night
UB Moving on
Happyness Falls Away
Left Love
Heart Medows
Time is Fading
Yearning to understand
Christmas Fever
Just a speck?
The Bird that flew away..
A Candle still Burns.
Can you Sea
To What Clouds Remain

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